Basic Face Care Treatment

Basic Facials

Epiderme Laser clinic offers facials for all skin types. A facial is the deep cleansing of your skin through the application of products appropriate to your specific conditions.

The facial treatments we offer specifically target the following conditions:

  • Dehydrated and/or mature skin: Growth factor treatment (SkinMedica® TNS Hydrating Mask)
  • Sensitive or post-operative skin: Calming and anti-inflammatory treatment (SkinMedica® Calming Mask)
  • Acne and/or Oily Skin: Purifying and Cleansing Treatment (SkinMedica® Purifying Mask)


A facial treatment can be – and often is – combined with a microdermabrasion for even more effective exfoliating cleansing. Microdermabrasion consists in a gentle exfoliation on the surface of your skin. It allows a faster regeneration of your epidermis’ cells while giving a glow to your skin.